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Carpet Cleaning Accessories

While Chem-Tex sells the major carpet cleaning equipment you need in order to keep your carpet and floors clean. We have a wide variety of carpet cleaning accessories in stock, including carpet repair tools, truck mount accessories, holders, brushes, wands & upholstery tools, and hose cuffs, and hoses. We want you to be able to get your job done when you need to without having to wait for your product to come in. For professionals carpet cleaners, these items make your job easier and increase the quality of the service you’ll receive. This will allow you to expand your service by adding carpet repair.

Just as if you were buying a piece of equipment, our Chem-Tex accessories come directly from the manufacturer and are made of high quality materials and parts. They are designed to work seamlessly with our equipment so you won’t get a brush or hose that doesn’t fit the machine you are using. The individual items such as carpet repair tools are designed to get the job done right the first time, and we can assure you that you’re only getting high quality well made products from manufacturers that take pride in the products and services they use.

In addition to high quality Chem-Tex accessories, you are also getting our exceptional customer service, which means that if you have a question, we’ll answer it, if you have a problem, we’ll fix it, and if you have a concern we will address it in a timely and friendly manner every time. Our friendly staff has made it their top priority to be knowledgeable about the products we sell, and friendly with the service we provide, and we do not settle for anything less.