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To ensure you get the best effects from your Chem-Tex carpet cleaning equipment, Chem-Tex manufactures carpet cleaning chemicals designed to work with your equipment and obtain the best results possible. At their manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, Chem-Tex produces high grade chemicals to produce the best quality carpet cleaning products available.

Chem-Tex is known for several high quality products including the original Quaker House Rust & Stain remover. From powdered carpet cleaning detergents to heavy-duty cleaning solutions, Chem-Tex offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions.

Chem-Tex also manufactures ChemSpec carpet cleaning chemicals. These products include leather cleaners, Haitian Cotton upholstery shampoo and powdered formula detergents.

The Chem-Tex ProChoice Carpet Cleaning chemicals are your professional choice for carpet cleaning chemicals. They offer ProChoice Red Relief, Stain Magic, Power Gel and Pro-Solve Gel for cleaning stains that were once thought impossible to remove.

Quaker House cleaning products have been known for their ability to clean the toughest jobs. From degreasers to detergent boosters, Quaker House products offer options for removing grease, rust and impossible stains.

In addition to high quality carpet cleaning products, Chem-Tex also provides you with high quality service, legendary customer support and quality products. Chem-Tex is your source for online carpet cleaning equipment, truck mount machines, portable extractors and cleaning products.