Cobra 5

cobra5The Cobra 5 is a rugged power brush system that is ideal for air duct cleaning using the push/pull method with a negative air machine such as any from the Turbo Jet series produced by Air Care. Cobra brush systems have been in production for over 3 decades, providing an excellent way for duct cleaning specialists to thoroughly clear out and clean ducting systems in homes, offices, restaurants and retail environments. The Cobra 5 provides this same reliability with updated features and is compatible with all cables from earlier models.

This brush system offers the best of Air Care’s air duct cleaning innovations. The 35 foot cable is made of flexible steel so that it extremely durable and yet able to bend around the corners of duct interiors. Every brush has nylon “Flex-E-Bristles” that will fit into spaces from 4 inches to 18. Larger brushes up to 30 inches are available for commercial jobs. A control panel is housed inside a storage case and has a speed control that will allow you to adjust the rotation from 0-1750 RPM.

The brush will work inside of round, square or rectangular ducts clearing out debris and scraping packed in mess in corners. It will even break up matted lint in dryer vents and has a lint buster ball to break through clogs without damaging the duct. A wired remote control allows you to stop, start and reverse the brush rotation without touching the motor unit so you never have to move from your work area. When transporting, the