Colt Truck Mount

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Proudly Made in the USABlack Stallion Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine 

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The main features of the 2014 Colt Truck Mount Machine are:

  • Most advanced heat exchange system
  • 15 inch of mercury vacuum performance
  • Powerful Kohler Engine from the #1 engine manufacturer in the US.
  • High water shut down switch system
  • Simplified design for easy maintenance
  • Compact Size for easy installation
  • 12 Volt Battery

Colt Truck Mount Includes

  • Aluminum recovery tank
  • 100 ft. vacuum and solution hose
  • S.S. dual jet wand

Super Compact Size: 26″ L x 18″ W x 28″ H
Tank: 12″ L x 18″ W x 36″ H
Colt Truck Mount’s compact size and light weight allow easy installation in any small 1/2 ton-related van or truck with plenty of room for extra tools and equipment.

Injection System

Produces Heat up to 190° F
State-of-the-art 100% stainless steel single heat exchange system. Cut costs by eliminating dangerous LP gas or fuel.

Powerful Vacuum System:
The Roots® 33 MP Positive Displacement Rotary Lobes vacuum blowers produce over 15 inches of mercury 285 CFM. The Colt Truck Mount’s powerful Roots® blower dramatically reduces carpet-drying time. Operating Vacuum Hose Length 250 feet maximum.

Power by KOHLER® Command Engine 14HP
The fuel efficient Command Twins® are designed to meet strict emission standards. In addition, quiet dB (A) sound power levels help OEM’s comply with worldwide noise regulations. The KOHLER® Command is the finest twin cylinder OHV air-cooled engine than money can buy, and with a service network of over 10,000 dealers worldwide, it’s the best-backed engine on the market today.

High Pressure Pump: HYPRO® 3 Piston Pump 2500 PSI

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You can contact the carpet cleaning machines experts toll-free at: