Duct Wizard

Air Duct Wizard

Air duct cleaning wizard is professional equipment used by most professional duct cleaners! You don’t have to buy another heavy self-contained air duct cleaning machine that takes up your van’s space.

There are many advantages to the Duct Wizard cleaning system, here some of them:
1. Easy to use – air duct cleaning attachment has a very simple, yet durable design. Just hook up the hose and the brush, connect it to electricity and you are ready for the job.
2. Compact designair duct cleaning machine is only about 8” x 5” x 4” (WHD) in size and weighs only 8.8lb, so you can easily carry it with one hand. It will not take a lot of space in your van compared to other heavy air duct machines.
3. Professional results – despite the compact size of this machine, it is professional air duct cleaning equipment preferred by many specialists in today’s industry! Does the job like a pro!
4. Affordable price – air duct cleaning wizard is an attachment to your truck mount or portable machine, so you don’t have to pay for the parts like motor, blower, metal body, wheels, etc. You only pay for the main part of air duct cleaning equipment and that helps to save you money. Get professional equipment for a cheaper price with the Duct Wizard air duct cleaning system.
5. Designed to last – The air duct cleaning wizard’s simple design and advanced technology is the reason this machine will do great job for many years bringing you substantial opportunities for higher profits.
6. Variety of accessories – air duct cleaning wizard comes with 5 brushes of different sizes, 50ft of hose, a remote control, and a big bag to carry all the brushes. Just replace the brush if it wears out, and you are ready for the next job!
7. Comfortable to work with – for your comfort and productivity, air duct cleaning equipment comes with remote control to make it easy to turn the machine on and off while you’re doing the job!