Hard Surface Cleaners

Tile and Grout Cleaning


Chem-Tex knows that you’re earning potential lies with how well you get the job done!

Whether you are professional contractor or a janitorial supervisor at a school, office, or other busy location where there are high traffic areas on hard surfaces!

These locations may seem like areas where the quality of the floor is only secondary to the business being done, but having a clean floor is what makes a business look professional and attractive!

That is where Chem-Tex comes in!

Our hard surface cleaners will ensure that a floor directly matches the quality of a business!

Businesses that have clean and sleek floors give the appearance that care is taken in making the area look attractive.

This gets customers into the right mindset – which a business that cares enough about the floor quality will care about the quality of work being done for a consumer!

Chem-Tex has a wide range of Floor Machine Buffers and Tile and Grout Cleaning Equipment.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Equipment include Hard Surface Cleaning, Croc-O-tile, Raptor classic and a number of other hard surface cleaners that are light weight but get even the hardest job done, such as our top of the line Spinner series!

Chem-Tex even has products such as the Gekko Hand Tool that will allow you to clean around toilets, shower stalls, or other hard to reach surface areas! This hand-held small hard surface cleaner is especially adaptable at blasting dirt and build up at gout lines.

If you are on the market for high quality, durable floor machines then look no further!

Our hard surface cleaners will get your floor looking new and is more efficient than anything else on the market!

From Power glide, Diamondhead, Dual glide, to the powerful Hawk Buffer, Chem-Tex has the floor machine brands that you know and trust!

In fact, Chem-Tex has built up something of a reputation in the industry for our top of the line products.

With the Chem-Tex guarantee you won’t walk away unsatisfied!

Each of our hard surface cleaners that are manufactured at Chem-Tex is made from materials that are long lasting and extremely durable. These machines will stand strong even when other machines break down!

Whether you are a professional or the average business or home owner, you want a hard surface cleaner that gets the job done well, but cleans just as effectively years down the line as when you first purchased it!

With Chem-Tex you are bound to get that and more, as our machines are run through a rigorous testing process to completely ensure that you are getting the upmost quality.

Have questions?

Chem-Tex has the answers! Give us a call and we will help you find exactly what you are looking for at exactly the right place. Our customer service department is trained with you, the consumer in mind, so you never have to worry about the amount of questions or the inexperience you may have!

With Chem-Tex you’ll find that even the most inexperienced contractor will find exactly the right product!