Hoss 700 Rotary Cleaning Tool

HOSS700From the minds of Sapphire Scientific comes a handsomely designed machine. The Hoss 700 Rotary Cleaning Tool is a long-lasting machine that is designed for easy use and powerful carpet cleaning.

Built with a cast aluminum case and a gearbox with sealed bearings, this machine is durable enough to handle your tough daily jobs and keep going for a long time. Attached to this impressive body design is a 15 inch head with a staggered injection system of 5 sprayers that apply heated solution to the area being cleaned. The dual level extraction slots maintain better airflow which enables a faster dry time and have specially designed floating extraction heads able to adapt to various carpet types. Coupled with the ½ HP motor, you get plenty of “bang for your buck” when it comes to the Hoss’s cleaning abilities.

You will also find that your machine is conveniently operated by any technician. It has a handle that can be easily adjusted to accommodate your height. Its rotary head moves at 140 RPM allowing for 700 passes in a minute and the vacuum head is designed to get into the hard-to-reach areas such as floor edges and under toe kicks. The solution delivery system easily connects to your solution hose and the 2 inch vacuum attachment has a clear viewing tube so that you can monitor the extraction work being done. You will know to move onto the next area when the water runs clean.

With its ease of operation and specially designed features, the Hoss 700 lives up to its reputation of being an excellent choice in carpet cleaning equipment.