RX20The Hydramaster RX-20 High Efficiency from Hydro Force is designed to replace your standard wand carpet cleaning on most carpeted or hard floor areas. This machine can be attached to your truck mount machine or portable extractor and is designed to increase your efficiency by reducing the physical stress of a technician during a job.

Taking the brunt of the physical labor of cleaning, the RX-20 cleans better by reducing the operator’s fatigue and risk of back injury. This machine he is built with a star plate that contains 5 spray jets and vacuum assemblies that rotate at 120 RPM. This rotary plate is then able to make 600 complete passes over an area in just 1 minute thus eliminating the strain of constant leaning and bending to achieve a wand’s “back and forth” motion.

The solution line and vacuum hose attach to the RX-20 and enable your tech to spray chemical, brush and extract water and debris all in one step. The ambidextrous handles and large wheels enable operation and easy transport for any operator.

Additional accessories can also be purchased to increase the versatility of the RX-20. These include a drive block for bonnet cleaning and 3 choices of floor brushes for various types of carpet and hard floors.

The options available to this machine combined with its efficiency benefits offer you the invaluable ability to create better quality work and fresher technicians.