Moisture Meters

A restoration job that consists of flood or water damage requires a technician to know the moisture levels of sub-surface and other unseen areas. Give your customer the highest quality job possible when your restore their home or office. Read the extent of the damage done to walls, sub-floors and behind cabinets with your specialized set of tools so you know where water has gathered and what needs to be done to dry that area.

Sonin Moisture Measure Tool – This tool lets you know with excellent accuracy how damaged an area is with a tap and touch of a button. Merely press the metal prongs to any surface area and tap the “test” button to get a read. It then gives you the extent of the damage whether it needs immediate action, is at a normal moisture level or even completely dry. This tool requires only one 9 volt battery for power. Use it to prioritize which damage to tackle first and get an idea of how much time and labor every job will require.

Sonin Rapitest – Rapidly determine the level of moisture in areas that are not visible with this moisture test meter. This meter has an easy to read analog display that is color coded for levels of water damage. It is attached to a 3 foot coiled cable tipped with metal prongs. Lightly press the tongs against any surface area to read how wet any sub-surface area is. Use this meter to ferret out the worst areas and prioritize which ones need immediate attention.