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Carpet Cleaning Start Up Package


Portable Package Deal
portable package deal
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 Our carpet cleaning startup packages are the best solution if you are interested in starting your own carpet cleaning business or if you want to simply upgrade or add variety to your existing carpet cleaning equipment.
There are at least 3 advantages of purchasing a startup package:
First of all, you are getting an incredibly low price that no one else can beat. If you buy the equipment and accessories separately, it will be more costly and you might even end up spending twice the amount of the startup package deal price.
Second, all of our startup packages include the necessary equipment and accessories you need to start doing jobs immediately. Our professional team puts together packages that include equipment with its compatible accessories, so you don’t have to worry if the wand you get will work with your machine or if you can use the amount of hose you get with your specific portable machine, etc.
Third, you get everything assembled and ready to use for those big jobs you already have scheduled. You don’t have to buy these items separately because it all comes in our convenient startup packages .Chem-Tex offers a variety of startup packages for you. You can easily find the one that meets all of your needs. We have portable package deals for small jobs, as well as truck mount package deals (some including a van or trailer) for bigger jobs.