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Whether you are a professional cleaning guru that knows exactly what you are looking for, or whether you are simply the average home or business owner with machines that need replacement parts, let Chem-Tex assist you today.

If you are looking for a particular part for your carpet cleaning machine, or hard surface cleaning machine then…

Look no further!

Chem-Tex has exactly what you need at a price that will best suit you!

We have Carpet cleaning Machine parts of every shape and variety, including – T-Jet, Degree Elbows, and Valves of various sizes!

Chem-Tex also has an extensive line of Carpet cleaning equipment engine machine replacement parts such as 15 – 25 HP Kohler Engines and 2.9 to 5.6 Roots Blower.

Our wide range and variety of Truck Mount equipment and parts include simple equipment such as valves, thermostats, and gauges to our more advanced do it yourself collections such as carburetor repair kit, water sensors, regulators, gaskets and more!

Looking for brass pieces?

Chem-Tex also has plenty of brass pieces in stock! From check values, to elbows, couplers, and everything in between, we have exactly what you are looking for at a price that you can afford!

Looking for Portable Carpet Cleaning Parts?

Chem-Tex has motors, pumps, valve conversions, switches, and more!

Why go anywhere else for the parts you need?

Chem-Tex has everything for your carpet cleaning machines in addition to hard surface cleaning machines!

Whether your machines break down and you are looking for replacement parts, or whether you are looking for extra materials to have on hand for ‘just in case’ scenarios.

With Chem-Tex you will find what you are looking for at an affordable price! That is a Chem-Tex guarantee, and we stand firm on the quality and low cost of all the products we carry!

No matter what!

When your job requires you have working and functional equipment you can’t afford not to have backup parts for those unexpected emergencies.

That is why we encourage you to stock your tool and work kits with much needed replacement parts for when you are in a tight spot and that one particular part for your machine to run smoothly!

Chem-Tex has wand parts, engines and blowers, truck mount parts, brass pieces, and the portable parts you need to ensure that your carpet cleaning machines and hard surface cleaners are in full working order so that you can get the job done, and get the job done right!

Not sure what you are looking for?

Don’t worry!

Chem-Tex has knowledgeable staff that is able to assist you with anything you may need. Whether you know which carpet cleaning machine parts you are looking for exactly, or whether you only have a small inkling.

Chem-Tex is here to serve you!

Our staff will find the right part, and you will find it as an affordable price!

Chem-Tex only has quality parts and we wouldn’t stock our shelves with anything that we wouldn’t personally use on one of our machines!