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A rotary power tool is intended for use in a place of a traditional cleaning wand. A wand consists of a tube with a solution trigger that attaches to the vacuum hose of your extraction machine, a solution hookup and a head with 1-4 solution jets and vacuum capability. Solution is dispensed with the trigger and the work of applying solution and vacuuming it up is primarily manual.

A rotary tool takes the manual labor away from the operator while also achieving a better clean for the floor. It resembles a floor machine but weighs less. It has hose and solution hookups but the trigger is for automatic operation, not solution spraying. When you squeeze it, the round head of the tool goes into action. This tool is self-propelled to save your back and shoulder muscles and will have anywhere from 3 to 6 jets that make multiple application passes over the floor because of the rotation. They are each paired with a vacuum line that simultaneously extracts dirt and spent solution. Because they are electrically powered and sit close to the floor, they are usually able to extract much more soil than a traditional wand.

An added advantage to rotary power tools is that many of them are able to be transformed into floor machines, enabling the owner to perform hard floor cleaning, buffing and polishing without the need to buy an additional machine. They often come with or have the option of additional floor pads to accomplish this and weight kits for added floor pressure.