As a restoration contractor, you know that home inspections are an important part of the job. Extech Instruments is a specialty company that designs the tools you need to effectively determine the amount of water damage within the walls, floors and ceilings of any building. These tools and kits will provide you with the things you need to obtain the information to perform a restoration job your company can be proud of.

MO280 MO280 – This is a pinless moisture meter. It will give you reads 0.75 inches (20 mm) below the surface of the material. The LCD displays the moisture percentage and the meter allows you to select from 10 different wood types for greater accuracy.
MO260 MO260 – This is a combination meter that has both a pinless function and 2 built in probes. There is a a percentage read and relative bar graph read on the back lit LCD screen. It includes a 9 volt battery and protective cap for the pins.
Probe Attachments Probe Attachments – These can be attached to most Extech moisture meters. For extra accuracy, there is a Moisture Baseboard Probe, an Extension Moisture Probe, a Moisture Hammer Probe and a Moisture Pin Probe.
Video Inspection Camera Video Inspection Camera – When just obtaining a percentage read isn’t enough, the camera allows you to insert a small probe into the wall and see for yourself what damage lies within.

Water Damage Restoration Kit – Within a soft carrying/storage case, you will get the MO280, a pocket meter and a precision hygro-thermometer for measuring humidity and temperature.

Water Restoration Contractor Kit – This kit is supplied with a hard case for organizing and safely storing your tools. You will get a pinless moisture meter with infrared thermometer, a data logger with USB upload capability and the 4 probe attachments.

Thermal Imaging Contractor Kits – With these kits, you will get everything that comes with contractor kit along with either the Flir i5 or Flir i7 thermal camera.