rotovac_powerwandHere is the original rotary cleaning wand from Rotovac. The Power Wand answers every question that one would ask on why it is preferable to use a rotary carpet extractor over a regular metal wand. A power wand requires far less physical labor from the technician who is operating it than a manual wand; it provides much cleaner carpets when the job is complete; and it is a new technology that gives contractors a unique way to market their business.

The Rotovac Power Wand never makes you use “elbow grease” to provide extra scrubbing on a particularly dirty area. It allows the user to move it like a domestic vacuum cleaner with its one hand operation. All you have to do is turn it on and push it back and forth while its 2 strong motors do all of the tough work for you. Even so, while doing this light physical task, the dual rotating heads make 1,500 passes in multiple directions every minute. 3 jets and 3 vacuums on the bottom of each head accomplish this beautifully.

This piece of machinery will clean in both directions as you move it up and back. Use this remarkable new technology to show every potential client that you offer a far better service that the surrounding businesses. They will see that their carpets are significantly cleaner and that you care more about taking care of their needs.

Brush heads can be added to the Power Wand that will enable you to perform hard surface cleaning with it and to do a pre-scrub on commercial carpeting as well. You will also that this machine is easy to maneuver and transport since it is very light and is built with back wheels that will allow you to roll it away when you have finished.

Requiring only 5 amps of power, there is no reason why the Power Wand wouldn’t be a great choice of equipment to add to your growing business.