WidetrackGrow your business by taking on more jobs in the course of a day or by adding larger jobs to your repertoire. Rotovac Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Supplies has patented a beautiful piece of technology that creates a way to do this. The rotary extraction tool allows you to expand your business while cutting your labor and taking care of your employees’ physical well-being while they work. The Rotovac Wide Track will enable your technicians to perform very quick cleaning jobs in large areas without the added fatigue.

The Wide Track accomplishes the work of 2 operators in one. It has a 24 inch wide cleaning path formed by its 2 rotary heads. Each head has 3 vacuum slots and 3 solution spray jets. This machine cleans when pushing forward or pulling back, making multiple passes with every motion. The power it gives you is unmatched by traditional methods of cleaning. It is air flow calibrated and plumbed for high pressure machines. It will take full advantage of the abilities supplied by your truck mount extractor and can also be used with a portable extractor that has at least two 3 stage motors.

With all of these abilities, the Wide Track sounds like a complicated piece of equipment yet it is actually very easy to operate. Its body shape allows it to be pushed as if you were using a regular lawn mower. It has a high torque motor and an ergonomic handle bar that make it very easy to move. It is also adjustable in many ways. The stainless steel handle telescopes to fit the height of its user. The rotation speed can be changed to compensate for the type of carpet you are cleaning and the heads can be raised or lowered to accommodate the pile height. Optional scrubbers will allow it to clean tile as well.