2000CS Portable Extractor

Product Description

The 2000CS Contractor’s Special Carpet Extractor by Mytee Products is a small but powerful machine that packs all the punch you need to conquer dirty carpets. Along with its sleek design and convenient portability features, this machine provides you with simplicity to make your job and the machine’s maintenance easier than ever before.

The 2000CS is equipped with a high performance three stage vacuum motor that produces 115 CFM and draws 144 inches of water. The switch-plate has 2 waist high switches – 1 for the vacuum motor and 1 for the 120 PSI diaphragm pump. The 10 gallon solution tank, located at the front of the machine, has a flip-up panel that protects the switch-plate when filling. This unit has an attached 25 foot cord that draws very low amps which simplifies the process of finding a suitable outlet.

The machine has a smoothly curved housing made of roto-molded polyethylene that resists dents and rust along with built in indestructible cuff links. It has an ergonomic handle and 8 inch wheels in back for simplified pushing or pulling, coupled with 3 inch wheels with locking casters in front. The 10 gallon vacuum tank is topped with a clear lid that flips open to give you easy access for cleaning.

    Included accessories:

  • 2 inch Cuff-Lynx hose adapter
  • Cuff-Lynx reducer
  • Mytee 8500 Hose Set (vacuum and solution hose)
  • Mytee 8300-EZ-C wand

Mytee offers a limited lifetime warranty on all machines, instructional videos on using products on the Mytee website and a variety of local service centers throughout the country.

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