Product Description

The 7000DX Flood Hog Flood Extractor from Mytee Products is the upgraded model from the original 7000 Flood Hog. This new model gives you lots of extra power, numerous convenience features and the amazing durability characteristic of all Mytee floor cleaning products.

The Flood Hog is equipped with 2 high powered 3 stage vacuum motors. These motors produce 230 CFM that gives you 144 inches of water lift and will pump out 70 GPM.

This portable extractor has a tough outer housing that resists dents and rust because it is made of roto-molded polyethylene. The 12 gallon vacuum tank has a clear lid that is easily lifted off and a drain valve for emptying excess water. 10 inch wheels in the back and 4 inch wheels with locking casters in the front make it simple to transport the unit while also holding it place when it is in use.

The Flood Hog has 2 25 foot power cords. Cord 1 powers the pump out and one vacuum motor and cord 2 powers the second vacuum motor. The first cord can be used by itself if there is not enough power to run both vacuums. An indicator light glows when both cords have been successful connected to separate circuits.

Included accessories:

  • Bag of replacement piglet filters
  • 25 foot recovery hose
  • Cuff-Lynx hose connector
  • Stainless steel wand
  • Scalloped head for carpet
  • Squeegee for hard surfaces
  • 25 foot pump out hose

Mytee offers a limited lifetime warranty on all machines, instructional videos on using products on the Mytee website and a variety of local service centers throughout the country.

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