Navigator Electric 1000

This is a beautifully made machine from the Navigator family. The Navigator Electric 1000 is compactly designed and simple to use and transport.
It stands approximately hip-height and boasts a simple rectangular design that contains all you need. Located on the front of the machine is an easy to remove panel that gives access to the inside of your machine for cleaning, repair or replacement of parts. On the front corners are legs to anchor it in place when cleaning while the back has sturdy wheels and a strong handle for easy movement. On one side of the Navigator you will find an 16 gallon recovery tank with an easily accessed and simple to use hookup. On the other side you will find the 16 gallon solution tank also with its hookup. They are designed for the attachment of the 50 foot vacuum and solution hose.
This portable machine is powerful as well and comes with a triple 2 – stage vacuum. It also has 2 pumps – a 1000 PSI pump for cleaning jobs and a 100 PSI pump for dyeing.

Machine Only

Product Description

Technical Specifications:
(3) 2 Stage Vacuum
1000 PSI Pump (For Cleaning)
100 PSI Pump (For Dyeing)
16 Gallon Recovery Tank
16 Gallon Solution Tank

Additional accessories for this machine here can be found here:
50 Foot Vacuum and Solution Hose
12 Inch Stainless Steel Wand

Optional accessory:
Optional Heater
Also available from this company for the Navigator Electric is the 1000 watt bucket heater. It heats up to 130 degrees in approximately 10 minutes and has an automatic safety shut-off.

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Additional Information

Weight 155 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 40 x 48 in
Please Call to Place an Order
1-800-CHEM-TEX or 713-668-1212