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Tile & grout cleaning machines are very important pieces of equipment for any type of cleaning business. Because of their quick cleaning capabilities and reliability, tile and grout tools are very popular in the carpet cleaning industry today. They are widely used by restaurants, office buildings, retail shops, etc. Having tile & grout cleaning equipment is a must for any carpet cleaning business. This will not only expand your business, but will also increase your income.

You can use tile & grout cleaning machines with any truck mount machine or with any portable extractor that has 1000PSI and up. Operating a tile and grout cleaning machine is very easy and similar to the carpet cleaning process. Just pre spray chemicals on the tile before cleaning and go through it using a tile machine. Tile machines inject hot water and chemicals onto the tile and then extract the water along with the dirt. For superior productivity, these machines have special brushes attached to the bottom of the dome.

When choosing a tile & grout cleaning machine, pay close attention to its weight, size, and brand. The better the machine, the easier it is to work with. Another important factor to consider is tile & grout cleaning chemicals. Chemicals are the what dissolves the dirt and makes hard surface floors easier to clean. Finally, make sure you are buying from a well known supplier, who can provide quality equipment and reliable customer support and service.