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Panther Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines

Here is a video that was created to show you how to install a SS Waste Tank and Panther Truckmount. The model used in this video is the Panther 20; however each model pretty much mounts the same.

****Please make sure you check under the vehicle before drilling any holes to insure that you do not puncture your gas tank or other vital mechanical parts.****

Power Max Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Special Edition Truck Mounts

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment

We have been manufacturing truck mount carpet cleaning machines for over 30 years. Through all these years, our machines have stood out from the rest because of their quality, durability and affordability. Here at Chem-Tex, we know exactly what you need in order to get the job done right. We were one of the first companies to use the heat exchange system in our truck mount units. Our Panther brand name is the oldest and most well-known in the carpet cleaning industry. We are the pioneers of the carpet cleaning equipment business.
By carefully listening to our customers, we have designed one of the best truck mount machines in this industry.
We use state of the art technologies for a superior performance. At the same time, we keep our design simple to make it easy to use and maintain the machine. We understand how important it is to have reliable equipment. That is why we use only high quality materials and parts to build our truck mounts. Our recovery tanks are made of stainless steel and our frames are made of heavy duty steel. When it comes to the components of our machines, we only work with trusted USA companies to insure high quality equipment. For our engines we use American made Kohler engines and for our vacuum blowers we use Dresser Roots® blowers.
Here at Chem-Tex we take it very seriously when it comes to materials and parts.
Whether you are just starting your carpet cleaning business or have already established your own cleaning company, we have the right truck mount for you. Our budget truck mount machines, the Black Stallion and the Colt, are both great solutions for those who are new to the carpet cleaning business. Their main features are affordability and quality. For those who are looking for superior performance, we proudly present our Panther 30 and Power Max 30 truck mounts. These machines are loaded with many features, such as a last step chemical injection system and an advanced heat exchange system; these machines stand out from the rest because of their productivity, durability, and quality.
Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.

Portable Truck Mount Equipment

The power of a truck mount? The mobility of a portable? The Chem-Tex Navigator is the answer. A completely self contained engine driven unit that uses microtank technology. We have been combined the best pieces along with 32 years of experience together and added wheels. To be more specific, we started with an electronic start Kohler Engine, which has over 50 years of time proven reliability along with the industry’s best warranty, added a roots blower for exceptional vacuum, along with a Hypo 2500psi, 3 piston pump for a reliable spray heated through our one of the kind heat exchange

I have five Panther 25HP truck mounts. I’ve never had problems with them, because they are easy to use, easy to maintain, provides great vacuum, and superior heat. I love these machines! My business is constantly growing, so the next machines I buy will be definitely Panthers.

John Paris, Houston, TX

I have the Black Stallion and I was very surprised that I found such a great machine for such a low price. It works perfectly. What I love about this machine is its simplicity. it is super user friendly and easy to work on. And if I ever need any help, Chem-Tex is always there for me. Thank you guys!

Eric Johnson, Luisiana, NO