Used ProChem Truck Mount Machines

ProChem supplies a number of different truckmount units of different capacities, etc., depending upon the intended use. When our clients upgrade to Chem-Tex truckmount systems, we sometimes accept ProChem truck mount carpet cleaning equipment in trade. To ensure they are in excellent working order, they are thoroughly tested and inspected by our engineers prior to trade, and then undergo full upgrade and renovation prior to sale.

For our clients who are on a limited budget, or prefer to buy used equipment, the ProChem truckmounts we supply are ideal. By providing our competitors’ truck mount equipment, we are also quietly confident that when our clients try out equipment from our competitors, they will realize why Chem-Tex is the industry leader, and will become one of our loyal customers!

Our staff are experienced in the use of the ProChem range of truck mount carpet cleaning machines and will provide full training on the operation and routine maintenance to ensure you obtain maximum productivity and life from the used ProChem truck mount purchased from us. Why pay new prices? Chem-Tex has all the equipment you need and at a fraction of the price!

To view our inventory of ProChem equipment, or to discuss options, please call us now on 1-800-243-6839. The call is free, as is the advice from our industry experts.

Other used truck mount equipment we supply could include Century AvengerHydramasterProChem, and Sapphire (Blueline) truckmount carpet cleaning equipment.