Used Truck Mount Machines

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As a manufacturer of truckmounts for the carpet cleaning industry, Chem-Tex wants to help you make your carpet cleaning business a success by providing only the finest quality new and used truckmount equipment.

Our experienced staff knows what works, and will provide their expert advice to ensure you purchase the best equipment for your business. They are available to sit and discuss your requirement, asking the right questions and providing expert opinions and advice to enable you to make an informed decision based upon your expectations, ambitions, and budget. As a manufacturer of both portable and truckmount carpet cleaning equipment, we can provide you with answers to all your questions and concerns.

When our clients upgrade to Chem-Tex manufactured equipment, we sometimes accept used truckmounts and portable carpet cleaning equipment as trade and make these available to clients who may have a limited budget. These used truckmounts and portable units are inspected by our engineers and are completely overhauled to ensure they will provide many hours of intensive use. We understand the importance of having reliable truckmount and portable machines to your carpet cleaning business and therefore, we will not release any used truckmount or portable until it has passes our rigorous out inspection tests.

Our used inventory can include Century AvengerHydramasterProChem, and Sapphire (Blueline) truckmount carpet cleaning equipment. We also might carry the following brands of truck mounts:

  • Used Butler System Truckmounts
  • Used Century 400 Truckmount Equipment
  • Used Chemspec Used Truck Mounted Units
  • Used ChemTex Truck Mounts
  • Used CleanCo Truckmouned Machines
  • Used DynaChem Truckmounts
  • Used Namco Truck Mount Machines
  • Used PowerClean Truckmounts
  • Used Steamway Truck Mounted Machines
  • Used Vortex Truckmount Machines