Water Softener

Hard water can cause problems in many areas. As it flows through your hoses and other parts of your machine, scale builds up. This inhibits water flow and causes problems with conducting heat. Adding a water softener to your cleaning operation is the safest and most economical way to deal with hard water. It will extend the life of your machine and help decrease the need for maintenance and repair.

Hydro Force offers some choices in the water softener you use for your business.

Manual recharge softener – This softener has a durable fiber epoxy casing and ABS inner shell. It is 10 inches in diameter and 38 inches tall. The tank holds 32,000 grains of salt through which you will trickle water for 30 minutes. That one step process will soften enough slightly to moderately hard water to last for a month of normal cleaning.

Automatic recharge softener – This model has the same tank as the manual and is accompanied by a brine tank with connectors and hoses to join the 2. Activated by a simple dial, this model cuts out the manual labor.

Water softener stand – Whichever tank you order, the water softener stand is a convenient way to keep your softener tank in place. The stand is 11×10 ½ inches and 35 inches tall. It is made of lightweight aluminum and mounts to the wall of your truck or van.